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Future Moscow was a 2012 attempt to imagine an alternate-universe Moscow with bohemian assortment of new businesses. You can view [original map].

It included:

* Pickletown - mini burgers (sliders by the bag) and milkshakes in a diner-style setting that featured a large mahogany shelf with library ladder behind the bar with seemingly endless apothecary jars filled with pickled items of all kinds.
* The Early Owl - owl-themed donut place / diner. Attached museum to the arts and crafts depiction of the owl, roadside America style.
* The Book Thing - so named after the Baltimore institution. A place where people can drop off books, and take books for free. Like a media thrift store, without the store. Because everything's free. It's also a cyber-cafe, maybe.
* Drafthouse Cinema - an untitled single-screen second run movie theatre in the location of the old Micro, serving beer and pub food, with a subscription option for unlimited monthly movie viewing and a variety of genre and arthouse focused programming.
* Tiny Market - a specialty food convenience store with the deepest selection of beers in the area. A microscopic Food Co-op open 24/7.
* Craft Distillery - untitled local spirits.
* Casa Storm - Swiss Family Storminson, located in the old Stookey's Feed complex.
* DDR Laundromat - a laundromat and arcade.
* Gin Rickey's - a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, complete with 'secret entrance'.
* Hotel - a hotel with individual cabins, each designed to look like a tiny house with a distinct architectural style representing American home styles - Craftsman, Victorian, Neoclassical, Farmhouse, etc.
* Palouse Folk School - voc-tech school, probably in a rural town around Moscow.