How to be a Person

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Once you become an empire, once you become a brand, people will gather around you and tell you that you’re a fucking genius. And your brand becomes the ship that slowly sails away from you. All of the sudden, you believe you are your brand. You believe that you’re supposed to speak in sound bites. I see that as an incredible danger. The thing is: being good on TV requires kind of boiling yourself down, right? Being a kind of advertisement for yourself. A walking advertisement for yourself. I know that I can never be that effectively, and that’s kind of a bummer, because there are times where it would be convenient to be that, so I shouldn’t even fear it. I just know now: I don’t give a shit if I succeed or fail or what I do next, I just want to do things that are strange and not soundbite-y. I don’t want to be polished. I want to be such a wreck that no one will say ‘let’s put her on her own talk show.’

- Heather Havrilesky, writer of Ask Polly, and the forthcoming, How To Be A Person In The World