One of the easiest types of self-injury to inflict

From Austin Storm
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In life in general, I find, one of the easiest types of self-injury to inflict is to refuse to mentally and emotionally commit to that which you are formally or practically committed. It’s a growing problem in a society that has fundamentally misunderstood what irony is and what it’s for. You get people who don’t know how to function without putting everything they’re doing in scare quotes. And that just kills your ability to deal with the daily indignities of life. You’re obligated to go through with what you’ve committed yourself to, but you can’t really commit. It leaves you with the burden of the work but without the emotional support of genuine resolve. There has to be a space between living like you actually take inspirational Instagram memes seriously and living in a state of constantly mocking the conditions of your own existence.

- Fredrik deBoer, [1]