Passover and Paedocommunion

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Doesn't the Jewish practice of the bar mitzvah indicate that children didn't eat the Passover with their parents until they reached a certain age or maturity? Doesn't it set a precedent for the Lord's Supper?

Well, no. And it would be pretty strange if it did. Why? Three reasons.

(1) There is no mention whatsoever of a bar mitzvah anywhere in Scripture. It's not in the Torah. It's not in the Prophets. It's not mentioned in the New Testament either. Nowhere.

(2) "There is no evidence of a bar mitzvah ceremony prior to 1400" (The Encyclopedia of Judaism [1989], 102). If there was any such ceremony in, say, Jesus' day, we know nothing whatsoever about it. It can hardly, then, be relevant to any discussion of whether children should partake of the Lord's Supper.

(3) Jewish children are not barred from the Passover meal until they go through a bar (or bat) mitzvah ceremony. To put it positively: "Jewish children participate in Passover long before bar mitzvah!" (James B. Jordan). Even in Exodus, it is clear that the children ate the Passover.

- John Barach, [1]