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Brooke Clark comes to bury prestige TV, not to praise it:

IF NUSSBAUM IS right, and, in the culture war between TV and the novel, TV has won, then the victory is as much a result of technology as redefined aesthetics. Smartphones have made television portable in a way it never was before—the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale is just as convenient an option on your commute to work as the new Sally Rooney novel is. For the next generation, the centrality of television to our culture may seem perfectly natural. For those of us raised on books, however, we can’t help but ask ourselves: Is this a good trade-off? As long as TV’s viewership contains a significant chunk of people who grew up in the age when books were art and TV was trash, we can expect the fervent recapping to continue because we are still struggling with the anxiety created by this inversion of cultural values.