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[img[The Storm Cellar's First Location|]]

//Independent Consignment & Local Goods//

It was known internally as //Idaho’s Second Most Interesting Store// while we were planning it. Now known internally as //Hidden Treasures [pronounced: TRAY-zures]//, after the headline of our first newspaper article.

<a href="">The Storm Cellar</a> is a clothing consignment store. Bring in your unwanted clothes and when they sell we give you 50% of the sale.

We opened in November of 2009 at 212 S Main, and moved to a bigger location at 504 S Main in October of 2010.

When we originally started we took craft items and household goods, but the clothes are the only thing that really stuck. I hope to return to locally made items when I figure out how to do it well.

We intend the aesthetic of the store to be clean and inviting, in contrast to the “antique store” clutter of most consignment or thrift stores. The store is for customers looking for:

economical buys eco-conscious recycled items and local shopping unique itemsprojects