5 Ways for Local Pastors to Fight Tribalism

From Austin Storm
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From Brian G. Daigle [1]:

Five ways for local pastors to triumph over tribalism:

  1. Pray publicly on Sunday for other churches in your city.
  2. Pray privately for other pastors in your city.
  3. For every one person you invite to your church, invite one other to visit another faithful local church.
  4. Praise God when you see a faithful church growing, even when it's not your own.
  5. In your studies, read across denominational lines.

In this way, prove you are doing the work of Christ and not the work of your own ministry. The paradox here, of course, is that humility is attractive and will likely result in God giving you more sheep than you can handle. Your fellow laborers in Christ - the other local pastors - will then be important friendships to ensure those in your city are properly cared for.