A Pattern Book for Entrepreneurs

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There is a metric ton of inspirational material on the internet for lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to make money drop-shipping, or selling a product on Amazon, or email marketing, or tech startups...

There's not a lot of information on how to start such world-changing institutions as the neighborhood coffeeshop, the humble retail shop, the small manufacturing outfit... let alone the coworking space, the community art gallery, the public property trust.

It is our conviction that the small businesses are still the best way to exercise creative placemaking, to reframe perception of a place by inviting people into an alternate world.

There's a lot of talk about COVID-19 changing the world. I don't know whether or not it will change the world, but I want this experience to change me. I want to be a part of creating vital small businesses, local manufacturing, alternative education,

Random Notes

Would like to begin compiling patterns, heuristics and koans which may be helpful

These are not "business plans" or "recipes", but tools and sayings which have proven trustworthy in the past and which may be assembled into

Entrepreneurial Pattern Book - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Pattern_Language - http://plannersweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/210.pdf - PalouseLiving?

Patterns Heuristics Koans

Koan in the sense of great inquiry or "Great Doubt", avoiding nihilistic or dualistic interpretations.

Breaking down ideas / spaces into their smallest functional part.

Every business a third place

Membership layer, value of it like the buy-in of crowdfunding

The primary value of crowdfunding

Creative placemaking

Pattern Book for Entrepreneurship and Community Development

LOLOL well crap now I can't remember any of the patterns. I think they came from the Bullrushed podcast and the Rural Revival podcast.

Palouse Extension Service in Entrepreneurship and Community Development

Extension Service Bulletin

- Blue Book, saddle-stitched
- Futura
- Hand drawn illustrations

"Bulletin x" "April, 1950" "Extension Service - Palouse Folk School - Colfax, Washington" https://arc.lib.montana.edu/msu-extension/index.php