Business Incubation Best Practices

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Specifically drawing from Incubating Success: Incubation Best Practices:

"Practices most represented among high-achieving programs are having a written mission statement, selecting clients based on cultural fit, selecting clients based on potential for success, reviewing client needs at entry, showcasing clients to the community and potential funders, and having a robust payment plan for rents and service fees. All of these practices are highly correlated with client success. Conversely, incubation programs with lax or no exit policies typically have less-than-optimal performance."

"Incubator management practices are better predictors of incubator performance than the size or growth of the region’s employment or GDP."

Table 1, pp 31 has the summary list of best practices.

Retail business incubation seems relatively new / novel. These incubators may look more like cooperative spaces than traditional manufacturing / tech incubators: [1]