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I've been an entrepreneur since 2009, so my resume is this motley list of projects.

If you scroll back far enough you can see that things were holding pretty strong at a pace of one new thing every two years, but that's fallen off as I've gotten older, and I suppose as more of them have succeeded.

Current Projects

Davy Jones' Locker
Thrift, Discount & Overstock, 2019-present

Bully for You
Vintage & Found Furniture & Home Decor, 2017-present

The Storm Cellar
Consignment Clothing Store, 2009-present
My bread-and-butter, my first successful business and the first one for which I made a business plan before starting. Coincidence? Probably not.

Resale Point-of-Sale Software, 2011-present
A point-of-sale system for resale and consignment stores, offered as subscription software.

Past Projects

The Anchor on Main
Real-estate Development, 2013-2015
A historic building in downtown Moscow, Idaho which we redeveloped from an empty office building into a mixed-use space which now hosts a variety of new, independent restaurants.

Brick & Mortar
Coworking Space, 2012-2015
Ahead of its time, or another example of a time when I let enthusiasm beat out having a solid business plan.

Hansel & Gretel
Children's Consignment Clothing Store, 2012-2017 (sold)
The answer to the number one frequently asked question at the Storm Cellar ("When are you going to start a children's version of this store?"), we ran Hansel & Gretel for five years before handing it off to new owners.

Sky Cow Books
E-commerce Bookstore, 2005-2007
Earnest but ill-fated early entrepreneurial attempt.

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