Discourse analysis

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Contemporary discourse analysis is interested in questions of genre classification...; the articulation of parts of a discourse such as formulaic beginnings and endings, episodes, and high points in the story (called peaks); the status of discourse constituents such as sentences, paragraphs, and embedded discourses; the cast of participants in a given discourse...; author viewpoint and author sympathy as indicated in the text; the main line development of a discourse...; the role of tense, aspect, particles, affixes, pronominalization chains, paraphrase, and conjunctions in providing cohesion and promienence in a discourse; ways of marking peak in a narrative; and the function of dialogue in discourse.

- Robert Longacre, "The Discourse Structure of the Flood Narrative", 1976

Longacre and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) are who we owe much of the impetus for discourse analysis of the Bible