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What self-respecting website doesn't have FAQs? That question is rhetorical.

Commonplace Book

Why do you have all these quotes you clearly disagree with? Are you harboring bitterness?

I am not saving up rocks to throw in a future big ol' huffy departure. But I often have to find quotations to support what I think of as easy assertions about the Moscow Project like "there's a lot of opposition to Lent". I got tired of tracking down the same thing, and that's what commonplace books are for - keeping track of quotations!

Again, what's the deal with the seeming sociological look at your church community?

I consider Moscow my home, and one of the things I've struggled with the most is its lack of institutional memory. Writing things down helps me remember and contextualize my experiences.

Who's this for?

It's for me. This site is entirely selfish in that way. But if you find it helpful, that's great.