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Children's Consignment Clothing Store, 2012-2017 (sold)

The number one frequently asked question at the Storm Cellar was, "When are you going to open a children's version of this store?" When a retail space opened up across from the Storm Cellar, we jumped at the opportunity to start the children's and maternity spin-off.

As usual we were helped by many friends. Matt Gaither routed out the letters of the logo that Laura designed, and Jon Tollefson, Bryan Blakey and Chris Aberle helped us install the reclaimed pallet wood accent wall.

HanselGretelClose 2017-0018.jpg

Laura's clear vision, shown here in an early sketch, guided us from the beginning

Hansel & Gretel had its own distinct energy - calmer and more professional, thanks to Laura's steady hand. We ran it for five joyful and challenging years before handing it off to new owners, who moved it down the street to a bigger location.

HanselGretelClose 2017-0012.jpg


  • March 2012 - The Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Moscow store focuses on kids' consignment [1]