It's not a question of finding the right place

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“I am coming to see that it is not so much a question of finding the right place, the right time, the ideal marriage. Neither life nor happiness hinges upon such things. It is wholly within. It is response to what is given. It is choice.”

the character Anne Delaney in the novel, Strangers and Sojourners by Michael O’Brien

Steven Garber uses this as a jumping off point for a defense of Response and Responsibility:

Most weeks of my life I am somewhere where I make an argument for the importance of responsibility, an apologetic for our ability to respond. We make choices, and that we do matters immensely; its possibility is the very reason that vocation is a reality. As my intellectual mentor Vaclav Havel put it, “The secret of man is the secret of his responsibility.” At the very heart of our humanity is our responsibility; we are made able to respond to the world around us, able to respond to the pushes-and-shoves of life, and profoundly, even if very mysteriously, able to respond to God who is there and who is not silent.