Kissing little icons of Darwin and Freud

From Austin Storm
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So pretty much when anybody tells me they are really concerned about nutritional issues, organic farming, or are just really into healthy eating, I pretty much just picture them going home and kissing little icons of Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud.

Toby Sumpter, Free Range Gluten Free Yoga vs. Jesus

This is designed to be incendiary (the 'prophetic voice') and doesn't bother me that much. The challenging part of the piece comes further down:

Organic, free range chickens may or may not be worth anything. Maybe in a hundred years, our great grand children will snicker about us and our stupid farming theories. Or maybe everybody will go to free range, and they’ll look back and despise our chicken factories. Maybe, maybe not.

This reminds me of Don Miller's Blue Like Jazz, where he explains his particularly post-modern epistemology by saying, in effect (I can't find the book) - well, I should wait until I find the book so I can quote it correctly. "Some people believe this, some people believe the opposite, who can know, really?"

But the idea that we can't know the judgement of history, and the implication is that it's not a worthy cultural project to try to figure out whether factory farming is bad. Focus on the fundamentals. This is a good example of the Moscow Project's loss of cultural imagination. Statements like this typically come with an accompanying exhortation to explore and enjoy the world, but maybe not anything au courant.