Lithium and mental health

From Austin Storm
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In 1929, a lemon-lime soda called Bib-Label containing lithium citrate was launched on the market as a calmative. It was soon renamed 7 Up and became a popular beverage. At around the same time, Lithia Springs in Georgia, USA, grew into a spa resort on the strength of its lithium-rich waters, attracting a number of US presidents. In 1948, when the lithium table salt scare broke, the producers of 7 Up removed lithium from the beverage. With the recent discovery that regions of the world with higher levels of lithium usage have lower suicide rates, it may be time to add a soupçon of lithium into 7 Up again and market it once more as a restorative and tonic. There is certainly as much to commend it as microdosing with psychedelics, a practice now in vogue.

- A.J. Lees reviewing Walter A Brown's Lithium: A Doctor, a Drug, and a Breakthrough