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I don't presently have the energy to return to this / tidy it up.

Surprisingly good recent article (11.17.2019): Controversial church aims to ‘make Moscow a Christian town’

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//I know, it's a dorky name for it. And technically it started in Pullman, with Jim Wilson at E-Free. But I can't think of anything better.//

Stuff I haven't incorporated, hence //stub//

  • Postmillenialism
  • chiasmus
  • charges of 'gnostic' or 'gnosticism'
  • Plundering the Egyptians
  • fatheads
  • "By what standard?" from presuppositional apologetics
  • nepotism, maybe? Yeah, I think it was owned as a good
  • seeing yourself as a character in a story
  • antithesis
  • Literature for a life less petty (other Canon stuff?)
  • pomosexual, I guess
  • Asserting that there's no such thing as postmodernism(!) how could I forget "Scratch a postmodernist and you will find a confused modernist, which is to say, you will find a postmodernist."
  • Rock into a pack of dogs, one who barks is the one who got hit
  • Robust Sabbath keeping
  • Ugly sister heuristic


!! History

A movement within Reformed Evangelical Christianity, centered around the teaching ministry of Doug Wilson and his church, Christ Church, located in Moscow (hence the Moscow Project).

!! Early Distinctives (Jim Wilson)

One of its earliest distinctive teachings was the danger of bitterness, and the importance of strategic evangelism and saturation love (these from Jim Wilson)

!! Education

In education, paideia, lost tools

Emphasis on teaching led to creation of publisher Canon Press, journal Credenda/Agenda. Lately, mostly blogs.

Classical Christian education movement with Logos School, and ACCS school association. College New Saint Andrews


!! Theology

Christ Church involved in the creation of its own denomination, the CREC, and local pastoral training program Greyfriars Hall.



!! Cultural Criticism

Later a critique of youth ministry, revival of courtship, qualifications of elders all placed an emphasis on the family.

The Moscow Project values cultural criticism, and their willingness to interact with culture is both a major strength and occasional weakness. cf skinny jeans

culture wars, cobelligerents the vanguard of the reformation, people who 'get it' and aren't culturally compromised. God draws straight with crooked lines

Often uses the prophetic voice, strong proclamations. The serrated edge in an attempt to show that 'the emperor has no clothes'

corollary is the fellowship of the grievance

!! Recent

Since this involved the creation of many new ventures and new institutions, worth doing badly invoked

In recent years I've noted a loss of cultural imagination, which is perhaps an overly-negative way of saying a narrowing in the scope of its leadership's interests

Invocation of zero-sum thinkingstub hypertext essay