Questions rock star sales reps ask

From Austin Storm
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Questions rock star sales reps ask:

  • How large is the market, and the “territory” being carved out within that? Who else is there?
  • Are there customers you’ve already successfully sold this product to?
  • How quickly did the last 3 reps get to quota?
  • How many sales reps within the company are on 100% quota?
  • How many reps didn’t make it? Why?
  • How many of the sales reps hired are still there?
  • How are renewals converting in the last 10 deals sold?
  • Are the reps selling the same type of product?
  • How many price concessions have had to be given to meet quota?


Why do I have this? I think it's because I secretly assumed that some day I will, through some grand irony of the universe, be in an outside sales role again.