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  • ...h variations on solutions that were attempted by the world's most powerful corporations (Facebook, Google), with a bootstrap budget and small social utilities. It'
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  • ...protecting the value of incumbent cultural products — the ones owned by corporations. The solution, though, isn’t to build more walls, so that everyone sticks
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  • "That was the period, it may be remembered, in which many corporations were being floated and financed. The bankers, who before then had confined
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  • and analyzing information in real time is an article of faith shared by corporations and governments alike.
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  • So begins the Great Brand Singularity. Corporations, humans, and machines merging in a banal orgy of commerce. The tech is curr
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  • ...ze the critical role of shareholders but also take seriously the idea that corporations are independent entities serving multiple purposes and endowed by law with ...k the B-corporation, while a neat model, will fail to transcend the niche. Corporations will discover their social responsibility or whatever, which is less enforc
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