Strategic evangelism

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'strategic and feasible' is another way of putting this. A metaphor to explain why Moscow is a good location for evangelistic ministry.

I think this is a distillation of the ideas in Jim Wilson's Principles of War

A summary of this from a newspaper article, replete with lots of scare quotes:

The military significance of what he called a “decisive point” in an enemy’s defenses. A decisive point, he said, was a military target that was both “strategic,” meaning that it would be a debilitating “loss to the enemy if taken,” and one that was also “feasible.” Boville, he argued, was a “feasible” target but not “strategic.” New York City, on the other hand, was “strategic” but not “feasible.” “Small college towns with major research universities,” he continued, such as “ Moscow and Pullman . . . are both strategic and feasible.”

- from a sermon delivered by Douglas Wilson on December 28, 2003