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You should run your startup like a cult... Taking a merely professional view of the workplace, in which free agents check in and out on a transactional basis, is worse than cold: It’s not even rational.

- Peter Thiel, Zero to One

Can be extremely harmful, especially in the hyperreal VC-funded startup world. Relates to corporate paternalism

In the absence of land or seas to ‘explore’, the startup business becomes the insular, pioneering social organization through which the new can be discovered and built. Because if startups are a way of making something out of nothing—going from zero to one, in Silicon Valley parlance—an organization that operates on cultish principles can be a way of making more with less: more employee allegiance, more efficiency, more passion, more dedication, more labor. Why offer mere jobs when you can offer an all-consuming, never-ending mission? Why simply ask employees to work when they can yearn to meet some shared, transcendent company goal?

- Kate Losse, Cults at Scale