The artist's book

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I, too, love artist's books.

The artist’s book is easy to define; the concept, less easy to grasp. It’s a book, more or less, made by an artist. One artist is making all the choices. There’s no editor or publisher. Every facet, from materials to graphics, imagery, and words, is the product of one artist. It’s a book, which means mixed media — paper, words, pictures almost always — and it means multiple pages bound or cased together. We experience it in a sequence. Almost always, artist’s books are witty and erudite. You’ll find puns and epigrams. They’re often meant to be taken apart and examined closely, since things are rarely what they seem. They’re unlike wall art. They’re not really for display. They defy a one-shot look.

- Brian T. Allen, The Rarefied, Cryptic, and Fascinating Medium of Artist’s Books