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This page is a bunch of notes to help me administer this site. If you're looking for more information about me, click here.

How meta.

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MediaWiki:Common.css doesn't load fast enough but some of these tweaks?

for later, fix sidebar so sidenotes work: MediaWiki:Tweeki-sidebar-right

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Image of a RhinocerosF.J. Cole, “The History of Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros in Zooological Literature,” Science, Medicine, and History: Essays on the Evolution of Scientific Thought and Medical Practice (London, 1953), ed. E. Ashworth Underwood, 337-356. From page 71 of Edward Tufte’s Visual Explanations.

I keenly want to add Tufte's 'sidenotes', although the technical challenges will be high. I'd also like to decrease the main text column size.

Hypertext Essays

Lastly, this site has a number of hypertext essays. The main one is a collection of snippets on what I call (for lack of a better term) the Moscow Project

Useful Pages for the Current Project



Do something with this list of failure-to-launch projects:

  • Palouse Film Society
  • Hearth
  • The Wonderbooth
  • Flyover Films
  • The Owl Museum
  • Palouse Living
  • by Storm Clothing
  • The Moscow Toolbox