What drives rural America's politics?

From Austin Storm
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The rural sociologist Loka Ashwood walked us through the results of her years of patient listening and careful research in rural Georgia, all of which emphasized something that every honest localist, probably already knows: namely, that rural America's politics is driven by, more than anything else, the fear of and frustration over economic dispossession, meaning the capturing of land--the very thing that most crucially defines a person's choice to live and stick with a rural life--by both state and corporate actors. That fear and frustration entrenches an attitude which can be easily appropriated by anti-state and conservative movements, but is more properly understood as an agrarian version of anarchism, a desire for statelessness, a wish to preserve that which should be a local resources and be subject to local stewardship, rather than distant ownership.

- Dr. Russell Arben Fox's summary of this talk