Worship as a heavy, oppressive thing

From Austin Storm
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NK: It’s true there’s a lot of joy in the Sunday service. Sometimes people can see devotion and worship as a heavy, oppressive thing, but actually here it isn't. The choir in this film see it as an emotional release, brought about by singing. These are all people whose connection to Kanye is singing and music, which is such a pure connection to the spirituality they all share. I want people to come out of Sunday Service film feeling good about themselves and very moved by it, in the way the people in the choir are very moved by their devotion to Christ. Often we see worship and praying juxtaposed against misery and suffering. When you watch somebody who is in a joyful state worshipping, it's a very different feeling. It’s very uplifting. And of course, the music is an incredible vehicle for the transfer of belief. It has such deep history, ingrained in the struggle, which I would say is still very ongoing in America today for equality.

- Nick Knight, director of Jesus is King [1]

This reminds me of nearly every time you sing hymns sung in a movie. It's always slow, dolorous stuff.